Kaia Girl Profile - Nicki P.

Kaia Girl Profile - Nicki P.

If you are reading this you have taken the first step.  I am so proud of you!  You may not yet be ready to take physical action but you are here reading.  A bit about me...I was very athletic growing up.  I was a competitive swimmer age group, high school, and college.  I was tall for my age, almost 5’ 10” entering 7th grade.  Needless to say, I have always been taller and bigger than most of my friends.  I never thought much of it until I was a teenager.  I remember one summer telling my coach that I wanted to quit swimming because I looked “too athletic” and I wanted to just look “normal” for once.  He definitely disagreed with me and I am so thankful for that support!  When I was swimming I had no time to really get caught up in body image.  I was strong, I did double-day workouts from the time I was 10 or 11.  I was also very busy - not too busy - but not idle.  Remember that...this theme will come back in a bit.

My family: my parents are first generation American, Swiss-Italian and English.  I grew up with influences from our family dairy farm, delicatessen, and diner.  I ate well.  There was always a garden, always grass-fed meat, never knew anything different.  Even our house, not on the farm, had a huge garden; it is just the way we lived and the way we ate.  My athletic pursuits allowed me to eat whatever I wanted. 

I was married at 18 and things started to change.  I worked full-time and went to school full-time.  I wasn’t swimming twice a day and for months at a time, I wasn’t swimming at all.  It got in my head and my body.  I still ate well but did not reap the rewards of activity like I always had been able to before.  Over time I gained weight, a lot of weight.  I ended HS a very fit 5’ 10” weighing 197 pounds.  By the time I was 30 I was up to 262 pounds.  I was existing and wasn’t happy.  I was still athletic but everything was harder now.  I decided one day in April of 2000 that I was done and by the weekend I had joined Weight Watchers.  I knew I needed a lifestyle change not a quick fix.  Every doctor I had gone to was simply going to prescribe something to “solve” my problem.  My OB-GYN, who had known me my entire adult life, was the one that told me Weight Watchers would work for me for the rest of my life.  I named my goals and never looked back!  Thirty-two weeks later I had lost 102 lbs!  I was almost 35 lbs thinner than high school.  I looked good and felt good and was back to not thinking about weight all of the time.

After the birth of our son, at almost seventeen years of marriage, I found myself a single mom before his 1st birthday.  I was back into existence mode.  Everything was for him, which was the right thing to do at the time, but not longer term.  I realized I was eating like a 2-year old but not playing like a two-year old.  There it was again...the weight was back...what am I supposed to do now?  Couple that with the prospect of dating, oh heaven help me.  There were times that this just was too much.  I made attempts and yo-yo’d a bit and failed...often.  I decided I would commit again…”40 by 40” was my goal.  I was journaling again and paying attention to me again.  My son was old enough to go to the kid’s gym and I started getting more active.  Life was getting back on track for all of us.  I met my wonderful husband and continued on my journey until I was down 100 lbs again...yes, I have gained and lost a human now at least two times!  After we were married life changes again.  Transitions don’t seem to be easy for me.  I move myself to the end of the line to my own detriment. 

Fast forward to tipping the scales back at 264.9 in the summer of 2015.  My friend called and asked me to support her attempt at Kaia.  She asked if I had heard of it...I had and it scared the heck out of me.  I had seen the “baseball moms” that went to Kaia.  They were very intimidating and I didn’t think I could do it.  It didn’t feel safe.  We compromised, she found a Kaia where we thought we wouldn’t know anybody except each other.  Kaia Fit Elk Grove has now truly changed my life.  August 1, 2015 I walked through the door.  My initial goals were to support my friend.  After a couple of workouts my goals, truly, appeared in this order on a post-it on my dash:

  • Don’t throw up (during workout)
  • Stop crying by the time you get home
  • Come back tomorrow

That was all I could do that first four weeks...Then BRIK happened.  It sounded scary and overwhelming, my friend stopped attending.  I wasn’t alone though.  I had a new group of people supporting me at 5:30.  Renee, Patti, and Christy, along with ALL of the Koaches made it OK.  Everything horrible that I ever imagined happened.  There were days where I was so embarrassed...but nobody else was...it was OK, I was human. 

I still don’t see a lot of difference; that is just me in my head.  I am not nearly as negative toward myself as I used to be...the mirror isn’t my nemesis.  I just finished my fifth BRIK.  I feel stronger than I have in a very long time.  I know the right things to do and I am far from perfect and that is OK.  One bad decision (or photo...or outfit) isn’t fatal.  Without fail, even though I have moved to the crazy 5:00am Krew, I am supported.  I am reminded about the good choices that I am making every day and I try to do the same thing for others.  We are all so hard on ourselves.  I figure if I can make my good choices better and my bad choices better I will someday find my sweet spot.  Until then, I am trying to be better today than I was yesterday - A good Mom, Wife, Friend, SIster, Daughter, MYSELF.

Because I don’t take a lot of pics,,,and especially not a lot full length I don’t have good before and after...but I have numbers.  Here are the stats from my first BRIK and my last BRIK. 

I cannot argue with data!  Down 77 pounds!

Brik Aug-Oct 2015



Brik Jan-Feb 2017





down to 30.75



down to 27



down to 49.5



down to 44



down to 39.5



down to 35



down to 47.25



down to 42.75



down to 14



down to 12.75


*Thank you for sharing your journey with us Nick!  Everyday you inspire so many with your humor, smile, and warrior spirit.

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